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is Calling 

When you desire tailored, hands-on support as you prepare to hire your 1st team member (or 5th, 10th etc!), our Scale with Purpose Accelerator experience is for you.

This 3-month offering* is geared towards founders/CEO’s who desire an HR partner to build a unique People Ops strategy from the ground up in order to fully support their business' conscious growth + impact. We build your HR strategy + tools so you can Scale with Purpose!

You don't have to do it alone.

We build the container so you are free to flow.

You want to hire + scale with purpose, but as you Google the "HR how-to's" you're met with legalese and the usual old system jargon you're determined to keep away from your brand. You know you need HR support but neither you or your team has the capacity to learn the legal ins-and-outs.

Return to Eden creates the magical synergy of a structurally sound container to nourishingly surround your small business so the flow and creativity of your essence & your teams can focus on creating life-giving abundance through your brand.

How it works


Schedule your Initial Discovery Call! We'll get to know one another, talk about where you desire support + discover if this is an aligned partnership to help achieve your conscious growth goals!


Once accepted into this offering, we'll send over our contract + our RTE Intake Questionnaire to get the full scoop on where your brand is at as of today. This will help us shape your 90-Day Scale with Purpose Accelerator Experience.


Time to dive in! Over the next 90-days, Return to Eden is your go-to Soulful HR Partner. Not only do we build out your complete HR strategy + tools, but we also support you with bi-weekly 1:1 Conscious Leadership coaching to support your growth + the growth of your brand. At the end of our time together, you'll take the reins knowing you can lead, hire + scale your conscious brand with ease!

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

I know what it takes to build a business from scratch + with purpose.

As the Head of HR for several companies over the last 15+ years, I’ve experienced just about every aspect of Human Resources and People Operations you can think of while in the corporate arena, non-profit sector, with VC-backed start-ups & with small businesses. I’ve seen the toll that greed, rigidity and lack mentality can create in business and our world. But - I’ve also seen the restoration that occurs when entrepreneurs + founders are intentional to co-create with the world around them and lead from a conscious state of awareness, abundance and hope. It is in this posture where business leaders can make the most positive impact.

I know what it takes to build a business from scratch and the unique HR + People challenges facing innovative entrepreneurs. I partner with revolutionary leaders to create frameworks that allow the pursuit of the greatest good for your business and your team, so you can leave the greatest positive impact on the world.

I can partner with you to lead your business to a path of growth and wholeness - let’s Return to Eden together.


there's got to be a more conscious way to grow your business...

You're right - there is! We partner with you to scale your brand through the art of Conscious Leadership. It's revolutionary, and we know you're here for it.

OVERWHELMED BY all the legalities of hiring...

Constant HR + legal updates making your head spin? We keep our ears to the ground on any legal requirements for small businesses so you can stay in your lane of genius.

NOT SURE HOW TO lead or build a team...

Goodbye top-down hierarchy...and give a great warm welcome to synarchy! We'll work through Conscious Leadership principles to ensure you (& your team!) are building from a place of integrity.

The results


A uniquely designed hr strategy + EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK with all legal needs covered to support your biz growth 

you hire conscious, talented humans who are all in on your brand's mission + vision

abundance + growth flow as YOU AND YOUR team work together in complete integrity

you are free to work in your zone of genius because you trust your team + they trust you



- Vicky tatar, @jhannah

“In just a couple months she was able to accomplish more than I've seen other HR professionals do in a year."

She swooped in and tackled critical areas that needed attention, offering her expertise, guidance and support to our managers and myself. Dominique's impact has been remarkable.”
- Jade Valore, @radcoffee

"{Return to Eden} has been an absolute game-changer for our team."

cultural turnaround for a growing coffee brand

This could be you....

Dominique was a pleasure to work with - she brought to life a people-first HR strategy that aligned with our company mission and worked tirelessly to identify the right talent and develop existing staff. She was always bringing great solutions that met all stakeholders’ needs. She was a wonderful partner in helping building a high growth company."
- Travis Heard, @outerknown

"Return to Eden brought to life a people-first HR strategy

conscious biz strategy +
 high growth

Dominique created a seamless onboarding experience for our new hires, established growth paths for our teams, helped roll out performance review management and much more. Her approach and mindset was exactly what we were looking for and would be beneficial to any growing business."
- Vicky Tatar, @jhannah and @ourkindra

"Her approach and mindset was exactly what we were looking for...

growing startup SAW impactful RESULTS



Book Your Discovery Call

Not everyone is the right fit for us - and we're not the right fit for everyone. We think that's a beautiful thing!

If you are feeling we could be an aligned match for one another (and we hope we are!), let's connect! During this Discovery Call we'll get to know one another a bit and talk about where you're needing support to help you achieve your conscious growth goals!

schedule a consult

- ezra, @purrsandgrrrs

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

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Employee or Contractor - Where to Start with Hiring?

You're ready to hire - awesome! Now, what's the right approach for you...employees, contractors or both?

Although there isn't a "1 size fits all" to this question, we do have some helpful tips for you to think through as you navigate your brand's growth. Check out our Free Guide to learn which path may be best for your scaling needs so you can avoid costly $$$ in misclassification fines!

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